Woman Opens S E X Shop & B-rothel near Harare


A woman from Domboshava who allegedly turned her house into a brothel and recruited two juveniles as s-ex workers has been dragged to the magistrates’ courts facing procuring charges. Eslencia Shonhiwa of Kadungure village under chief Chinamhora is denying the charges.

Prosecutor Tongai Mateko told the court that Shonhiwa took the two juveniles aged 12 and 14 and procured two men identified as Takundwa Matope and Edson Saiti with intentions of engaging them in unlawful s-exual conduct.

She was initially denied bail but magistrate Takundwa Mtetwa later ruled in her favour after one of the juveniles involved in this case exonerated her.Mtetwa ordered the woman to pay $50 bail.

Mateko alleged that the offence occurred on the first day of October this year.The court heard the two girls had spent four consecutive days at Shonhiwa’s place while their parents were making frantic efforts to find them.

A police report was made after the girls went missing, court heard.According to state’s outline, the 14 year old girl was assaulted by her mother on September 28 after she was spotted at Mungate shopping centre during late evening hours.

Afraid of being assaulted again she, in the company of her friend, the other juvenile, went and slept at a local church.On the morrow, the two girls went to Shonhiwa’s place and she gave them a task to look after her children.

On the first day of October, Shoniwa then left the two girls with her children and spent the day away.She came back home around 6pm in the company of three men.She then purportedly ordered the 14 year old to have s-exual intercourse with Matope but she declined.

Shonhiwa also allegedly ordered the other girl to do the same with Saiti and she again refused.Suddenly, Shonhiwa’s friend, Brilliant Moyo, arrived during the melee and stopped her from forcing the girls to have s-ex with the two men.

Moyo then took the two girls away. The case was then reported leading to Shonhiwa’s arrest.However, the 14 year old girl disowned her statement and took Shonhiwa’s side when she was giving evidence in court Wednesday.

She told court that it was not true that Shonhiwa brought some men for them and accused the 14 year old of lying.The juvenile however failed to explain why she could not go back home and why she spent four days at the accused’s place.