Woman pays the price for snatching workmate’s hubby


A Harare woman was hauled to the civil court yesterday by her former workmate and best friend facing allegations of verbal and physical abuse for snatching her husband. Nancy Kumbula appeared before magistrate Yeukai Dzuda facing accusations of insulting and assaulting her husband’s girlfriend Prisca Kurasa who is her former best friend. Kurasa told the court that she used to work with Nancy at the same market place in Machipisa and she fell in love with Nancy’s husband.

“We used to operate together at the market place in Machipisa and Nancy’s husband proposed to me and I accepted the love proposal and when she found out about the relationship she violently attacked me and insulted me. I then suggested to end the relationship with her husband and I informed her that I was no longer having an affair with her husband and I also apologized and she forgave me. After some time she then approached me at the market place and attacked me and insulted me using obscene language,” she said.

cryKurasa further told the court that she reported Nancy to the police several times but her efforts were fruitless because the police officers were taking sides with Nancy.


“I reported to the police but all my efforts were in vain because all the police officers supported her stating that I am the one who wronged her by having an affair with her husband. I am kindly asking this honourable court to grant an order that will restrain her from attacking me and insulting me,” she said.

Nancy partially admitted to the allegations and she further told the court that Kurasa is the one who assaults her and insults her whenever she sees her.

“I admit to some of the allegations but I dispute some of them because we used to be best friends and workmates but then she decided to fall in love with my husband and that is when our relationship became sour. Her relationship with my husband came to light when I started to experience some shortfalls at my market place because my husband was giving her money.

I confronted my husband about it and he opened up to me that he was having an affair with this woman,” she said.

Nancy went on to tell the court that Kurasa assaulted her and injured her and she also sent her children to insult her each time they pass by her market place.

“She struck me with a stone and I sustained an injury on my head and each time she passes by my market place with her children they insult me using vulgar language. ”

The court granted the application for peace order that Kurasa sought and Nancy was ordered to observe peace with Nancy at all costs.

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