Woman Penelope Sioza elopes 3 times to DIFFERENT MEN


A woman desperate for marriage Penelope Sioza, reportedly e-loped three times to three different men hoping to find a father for her then unborn child.Sioza tried her luck with three different men hoping to secure a home and a father for her son but ended up being turned away by all three.

An insider revealed that she was trying to make her way to Chivhu where she is now convinced her real baby daddy resides after giving birth to a son.

“She has plans to travel to Chivhu after being turned away by three men she assumed were the fathers of her baby. The baby is about three months old.

“The first man she e-loped to was married and she stayed with him for three days until she gave birth. She was however thrown out as he denied paternity and she came back home.

“She tried her luck with two other men but again got turned away as they refused responsibility of the child.

“She has to go to her real baby-daddy and stop lying to innocent men” he said.

Penelope denied the claims.

“I have never e-loped to any man’s house. I do not know where such claims are coming from.

“I am waiting to go to my husband’s home in Chivhu but the journey was postponed after my mother-in-law said she does not have money yet to take me in” she said.