Woman ‘raped’ at police station


A WOMAN who had asked for a place to sleep at a police station got a rude awakening as a police officer sneaked into her blankets and allegedly demanded se_x before asking her to touch his bedroom gun.

The alleged police officer Augustine Gumbo (27)met the complainant at the police station last Saturday at around 8pm.

He proposed love but proposal fell on deaf ears as Otilia Ncube told him that she was married.


Gumbo seemed to have an urge to sample her and allegedly sneaked into her blankets and asked for se_x.

But Ncube stood her ground and refused.Seing that his efforts were amounting to nothing,Gumbo who had already removed his underwear grabbed Ncube’s hand and forced her to touch his ‘angry’ tube.

She tried to escape but she was pressed down by Gumbo.

The court heard that he fo_ndled her br_easts and private parts in the process forcing her to touch his manhood.

He lifted the complainant’s skirt and tried to plant his black mamba in between her legs.

She screamed alerting two police officers Reuben and Majasi who were on night duty.

Worried about the cry emanating from the radio room,Reuben rushed to check and found the alleged rapist hiding under the table.After that the accused dashed out.Ncube reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the accused.

Gumbo appeared before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku facing an attempted rape charge.

He pleaded not guilty and is out of custody on $100 bail on 11 May for continuation of trial.

Source-B metro

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