Woman shamed after getting caught shoplifting


A BULAWAYO woman learnt the hard way that shoplifting can be a “dirty enterprise” after she had a five kilogramme bag of flour emptied all over her body for trying to steal a bottle of bubble bath gel at a local supermarket.


Unbeknown to her that an alert customer was watching the whole act, the unidentified woman tried to stuff a two-litre bottle of Satiskin bubble bath gel into her panties.


After she was satisfied that the bottle was safely tucked away from the prying eyes of the supermarket security guards the woman walked comfortably to the exit door.

But the security guards had already been alerted that a cunning thief was trying to leave the supermarket without paying.

The woman was spotted by another customer trying to hide a two-litre bottle of Satiskin into her panties. When the bottle was safely tucked between her legs she proceeded to walk to the door,” explained Allen Gumbo, a customer who witnessed the would-be thief being busted.

A few metres before she got to the door, the cheeky thief started walking awkwardly.

“I think the bottle shifted forcing her to walk awkwardly and a female security guard quickly apprehended her. She was asked to pull up her skirt. It was really embarrassing to see a grown woman caught in the act. What is she teaching her children?” asked Gumbo.

The supermarket’s management asked the thief to pay for the bottle she had attempted to steal or risk spending the night in a police cell.

She chose to part with $5.

But the supermarket management was not done with her.

To teach her a lesson that shoplifting does not pay she had a bag of flour emptied on her.

Passersby could not help but take pictures of the shamed thief as she sat on the pavement outside the supermarket pondering how she would get home covered in the white powder.

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