Woman threatens to get ex-lover fired by continuously visiting his workplace


A Social worker, Tinashe David Mutiza, is leaving in fear of losing his job following threats by his former lover Elizabeth Bangure, who has vowed to to get him fired by continuously visiting his workplace to harassing him.

Tinashe approached the Civil Court this week seeking a protection order against Bangure which was granted by magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza. Nyatsanza ordered the woman to desist from interfering with her former lover’s employment and barred her from visiting his workplace.

In his submissions, Mutiza told the court that he only co-habited with Bangure for five months which resulted in the birth of their twin babies before the couple parted ways.


“She threatens to get me fired from employment and it has just become difficult for me to work in peace without her harassment,” Mutiza told the court.

“She also comes to me demanding money for maintenance despite the fact that I am already paying the same following a recent order of the court.”

In her defence, Bangure did not deny Mutiza’s claims but told the court the reason why she used to visit him at his workplace was the maintenance issues and also because she no longer had a place to live with her two children.

“I go there simply because I have nowhere to stay and the twins need birth certificates thus I want his assistance,” Bangure said.

Nyatsanza ruled in Mutizwa’s favour and granted him a protection order against his former lover prohibiting her from visiting and interfering with his work and warned Mutizwa against defaulting paying maintenance.