Women at war between OLINDA CHAPEL and her love rival


The war of words between Olinda Chapel and her love rival, Dyonne Tafirenyika’s family continues.

Dyonne’s mother, Amina has savaged Olinda telling her : “You bed hoped.. married 3 times, you don’t say all those 3 men were wrong and only you remain correct. By now the world is tired of hearing your jazz. Stop blowing up my pager with your threats, leave my child alone and find the real problem in your life.

OLINDA-AND-DYEON-FAMILY-WARTFirstly you got a body like a shapeless green pepper, Pokello wanna be, head like a bag of sh*t,and a behind that looks like an ironing board. unoti hunu hwe chikharadhi iwe uri mwana akahurwa nemurungu cause chapel ain’t a black…you a racist looking for pitty.”


Olinda has flown to the USA for a break. Meanwhile, Chatel Mungofa, a former model, is still fuming.