Zanu PF demo exposes police double standards — MDC-T


Thousands of Zanu PF youths on Wednesday marched in central Harare without any hassles, a development that provoked accusations of police bias from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T).

The youths’ were protesting against recent citizen activism against government inability to arrest the current economic crisis, corruption and failed leadership.

“The MDC notes with concern the selective police attitude on protesters displayed…following the Zanu PF march in Harare,” said Luke Tamborinyoka, MDC-T presidential spokesperson and party communications director, in a statement on Wednesday.


He said while his party respected Zanu PF members’ constitutional right to demonstrate, “we note with disquiet the selective application of the law and double standards in terms of police attitude” towards the march.


MDC-T and civic organisations have in the recent past been forced to apply to the courts to have their demonstrations cleared, but the Zanu PF one went without any constraints, as has become the pattern.

“The Zanu PF march was allowed to proceed and the party did not even have to seek recourse in the courts as we (MDC-T) and other civic groups have had to.

“The police did not clamp down on the Zanu PF protest march but, instead, accompanied the demonstrators and allowed them to disturb human and vehicular traffic. It is clear that Zanu PF did not meet with the bureaucracy and hostility that we meet,” added Tamborinyoka.

He said as MDC-T prepared for more demonstrations after the ones held in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare, his party hoped that it would receive the same treatment as that given to Zanu PF on Wednesday.

“We in the MDC are putting this regime on notice. What is good for the goose must certainly be good for the gander.

“Zimbabweans must be allowed to peacefully proceed with their mooted national action just as Zanu PF has been allowed to proceed with their protest march,” said Tamborinyoka.

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