Local News ZANU PF terror gangs attack MDC-T supporters at Mbare Msika

ZANU PF terror gangs attack MDC-T supporters at Mbare Msika


The Zimbabwe Peace Project has condemned the political and economic violence against opposition party members who are working at Mbare Msika Market.

ZANU PF  youths on Monday visited Ngaritutwe Bottle Store in Mbare and forced the proprietors to close down the bar accusing them of holding MDC-T meetings at the bar.

ZPP reported that the youths went on to burn sofas that were in the building and locked the gate of the premises ordering the proprietors to stop their business operations.


“The youths created boundaries where they said MDC-T members were operating and made it clear that Koffman Plot where the business operations are located is ZANU PF territory. Anti-riot police were called but they did not intervene and were ordered off the scene by the ZANU PF youths. The matter was reported to the police under RRB number 3030122,” said ZPP.


ZPP Photoes Mbare violence 2

“The youths were also looking for an MDC-T supporter identified as Jeff and they went on to prepare a mock grave for him making their intentions to harm him known.He stands accused of refusing to attend ZANU PF meetings and convening MDC-T meetings in Mbare. Another citizen Fambisai Muchineripi was assaulted by the ZANU PF youths and he said many other people were assaulted and victimised but fear coming out in the open about their ordeals

ZPP said ZANU PF youths have imposed an economic embargo against members of other political parties in Mbare and are carrying out these activities with impunity as police officers seem reluctant to deal with the known perpetrators .

“All citizens have the right to personal security and this means they must not be assaulted or have their property destroyed. The police have failed these citizens by failing to arrest known perpetrators of violence,”said ZPP.

“Citizens also have a right to freedom of association and assembly and their access to economic opportunities must not be based on their political affiliations. Police and relevant human rights bodies must investigate the terror gangs in Mbare who are preventing other people from carrying out their economic activities.”