ZAOGA Woman brutalised and killed in Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park


A woman from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo was yesterday morning found dead with several stab wounds on the face and body in a suspected ra-pe and murder case.

A resident stumbled on Mrs Ivy Sibanda’s body at about 8.45AM in a bushy area between Hawkflight and Hlalani Kuhle stands.

Mrs Sibanda, a member of the Zaoga church who is thought to be in her late 30s, is suspected to have been ra-ped and murdered on her way home from a church service on Thursday evening.


Church mates described her as a God- fearing woman.

Mrs Sibanda’s body was found in some shrubs near a road.

She had allegedly agreed to meet her husband after the church service, but she did not show up.

Her husband, identified only as Mr Sibanda, is alleged to have waited for her at the agreed spot and when she failed to show up, he allegedly called her, but her phone was not being answered.

On the same night, some residents are alleged to have heard a woman screaming near the spot the body was found, but no one went to investigate.

The Cowdray Park community was shaken after waking up to the horrific scene of Mrs Sibanda’s half naked body with several stab wounds on the face and neck.

When The Chronicle arrived at the scene yesterday, police were examining the body, while scores of residents and motorists watched in shock.

Her undergarments were torn while her bruised body was in a pool of blood. Her cellphone, which was still at the scene, was still ringing at intervals.


Collet Ndlovu


Some of Mrs Sibanda’s churchmates and residents wept as her body was being carried away by the police.

Zaoga Church Cowdray Park District coordinator, Mr Medicine Paradza, expressed grief over the incident.

He said it was a painful experience for the Sibanda family and the church.

“Mrs Sibanda was a member of our church and close to my family. We used to drop her home every evening after church but yesterday we had visitors and we didn’t manage to go to church.

“I got the shocking news this morning that she had been murdered and her body was found near the road. I can’t believe this. I don’t understand why somebody would do such a thing,” said Mr Paradza.

He described Mrs Sibanda, who has left behind her husband and three children, as a God-fearing woman who never missed church services.

Mr Paradza said the Sibandas were a happy family.

Their youngest child is said to be less than two years old, but the ages of her older children could not be established immediately.

Ward 28 Councillor Collet Ndlovu said Mr Sibanda got worried when his wife failed to show up as agreed.

“Mr Sibanda started getting worried when his wife didn’t show up. He kept calling her but her cellphone went unanswered until he went to the police to make a report. A report was made to the police after Mrs Sibanda’s body was found in the shrubs on the roadside,” said Cllr Ndlovu.

He said there were criminals terrorising residents in the area and appealed to the police to increase patrols, especially in areas that have no electricity.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango could not immediately comment on the matter.

source:The Chronicle


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