ZBC Producer dragged to court for child neglect


Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation television producer, Walter Chari, has been dragged to the maintenance court for alleged child neglect.

Walter was hauled to court by Tendai Jangande who claimed $200 as maintenance for one child. She accused Walter of failing to be a responsible father who abandoned his parental responsibility of financially supporting his child.

zbc producer


“I want $200 for one child who is six months old. He is a producer at ZBC. I am not sure if he is married but I know he has one other child. Since the birth of the child he has only given me $100 and it’s evident that the money in question is not sufficient to sustain the child up to now. He has also refused to take a birth certificate for the child,” she said.

Walter on the other hand offered to pay $50 as maintenance for the child. “I have other responsibilities that require financial support. I have rentals and another minor child to take care of. I have been giving the applicant $50 per month since the child’s birth. I earn $412,” he said. Walter was ordered to pay $100 per month as maintenance for the minor child. Magistrate Sharon Rakafa presided over the matter.

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