ZBC producing Zanu PF, Mugabe news only- analyst


A political commentator Rejoice Ngwenya has bemoaned the move by the constitutional court to issue a ruling that all people with radio receivers are compelled to pay ZBC licences despite the fact that many people were no longer watching or listening to ZBC because they view it as a Zanu PF broadcasting corporation.


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“Friday Fury‬ – the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe ruled, a few days ago, that EVERY Zimbabwean with a gadget that receives radio (including cellphones and pads) Must pay (President Robert) Mugabe’s ZBC its due licences. Now, that’s too bad for me because I do not watch or listen to any ZBC propaganda,” he said.

These stations only transmit Zanu PF news, 24/7, so they are breaking the Constitutional provisions of public broadcasting. Perhaps my wife will buy the blooming licence to keep peace, but as for me, prison here I come, unless Irene Petras, Arnold Tsunga, Justice Alfred Mavedzenge, David Coltart, Jessie Fungayi Majome and Obert Gutu go back to the ConCourt to argue that we must not be compelled to support ZANU.PF propaganda.”

He said if not, ‪#ThisFlag‬ and ‪#Tajamuka‬ have a task of boycotting all companies that advertise their products and services on ZBC. ‪#NoEquityNoLicence‬

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