Zhuwawo responsible for cash crisis-Lumumba reveals


CONTROVERSIAL Zanu PF youth activist, Acie Lumumba has persisted with his attack on Indigenisation Minister Patrick Zhuwao, this time joining the country’s opposition in calls for the under fire minister to resign.

Lumumba on Saturday returned to Facebook, his now favourite platform to attack the public official, where he posted yet another video image of himself, this time calling on the minister to resign.

He blamed Zhuwao for the current cash crisis in the country insisting the minister’s unguarded pronouncements around the indigenisation law had triggered a stampede by depositors to withdraw their monies from banks.


Lately, the opposition has been calling for Zhuwao to surrender his government job after he admitted bungling in administering the country’s indigenisation and empowerment law.

Before that, Zhuwao repeatedly clashed with fellow cabinet and finance minister Patrick Chinamasa over the former’s strong arm approach on the country’s indigenisation drive.

Zhuwao was loathed for his overzealous push for foreign firms, including banks, operating in the country to expedite the surrender of at least 51 percent of their local equity to Zimbabweans as was being dictated by the empowerment law.

Lumumba on Saturday took the opposition chorus, wondering what it was going to take for the dreadlocked minister to heed calls for his resignation.

The businessman said Zhuwao was not a favourite either among tertiary students who once booed him when he visited them.

“He was booed by students at National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo; he was booed by people in Masvingo when he went to the university there,” Lumumba said.

“The year he has been in office, he has done one thing; absolutely nothing. With that said, Minister Patrick Zhuwao, you must resign.

You are the single biggest national security threat we have in this country.”

Lumumba went on to say the current cash crisis being experienced in the country was a result of Zhuwao’s reckless handling the economic empowerment act and his little or no knowledge of the country’s banking law.

“One man got us here, Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment,” he said.

“He has managed to frustrate and scare the whole market so much that the public no longer trust the banks.

“They are moving their money out of the banks because they believe the banks are going to be taken over.

“This is the reason we are in trouble, this man has to go.”

Lumumba also said that Zhuwao’s job was to facilitate empowerment in the country but he had in fact achieved the exact opposite.

“You have disempowered this country; you are not only failing but you are making the problem worse,” he said.

The Zanu PF activist said in the next coming days, he will take his own youth economic plan to President Mugabe for his approval in an effort to help suffering local youths.

Lumumba said his plan will address how the 2.2 million jobs promised by Zanu PF during the 2013 election campaign period could be achieved.

“After I submit this plan to the President Mugabe, I will be taking a tour around the country meeting with young people at universities, youth centres, youth associations and church groups where we will discuss this plan and improve it together and we will work on it until it is a perfect document,” he said.

The latest anti-Zhuwao video was Lumumba’s third since he fell out with the minister few weeks ago when the latter fired him from the youth empowerment committee he chaired.

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