Zifa promises clean financial act


The last time the Warriors played at home, a stinking financial exploded with the previous Zifa board accused of doctoring figures to cover up for gross financial misappropriation

Now as the Warriors get ready to face Swaziland with a massive crowd expected to come and urge the boys on at the National Sports Stadium, all eyes are on Phillip Chiyangwa and his board.

After being elected into office on the back of pledges to clean the mess at 53 Livingstone Avenue as well as the system, Chiyangwa and his team have a chance to walk their talk.


Yesterday, the Zifa board member for finance Phillemon Machana promised a clean financial act.

“We are fully aware of the accusations that flew around after the home game against Guinea. Yes, we were not yet in office then but we know about it as well as the effect that scandal had on our relationship with some partners,” he said.

“The Zifa president Dr Chiyangwa has tasked me to ensure that everything is done above board and we have been working round the clock to put in place systems that should bring confidence to the corporate world as well as our supporters.

“Gone are the days when bouncers used to man the gates and had a say on who pays and who does not pay to enter the stadium, we have hired professionals to do the job.”


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