Zifa property attached again


ZIFA offices at 53 Livingstone Avenue in Harare were yesterday raided again with the Messenger of Court attaching property.

The case is related to a debt owed to Lazarus Riva, a photographer engaged by the previous ZIFA leadership, to cover matches involving the national team and ZIFA events.

Riva claims he is owed $23 000 by the football controlling body for his services




According to court documents, Riva argued that sometime in 2009, he entered into a verbal agreement with ZIFA, where he would cover any event as and when requested.

Riva covered events from 2009 to 2014, charging $23 078 in the process.

However, despite repeated efforts by Riva to get paid for his services, ZIFA failed to honour their obligations, prompting the photographer to file a lawsuit against the football mother body.

Some lawyers who used to be engaged by ZIFA said they were in the dark concerning the issue and were only hearing it from the media while acting executive Joseph Mamutse is in Mexico.


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