Zim Achievers to celebrate women in media and arts


The Zimbabwe Achievers awards will this year give special recognition to women blazing trails in the media and arts industry.

Running under the theme, Celebrating Women in Media and Arts, the awards ceremony will celebrate five outstanding women who have excelled in the areas that include broadcasting, film and literary arts. ZAA has announced that Sony’s Head of Publicity, Taponeswa Mavunga, Forbe’s Farai Gundan, The Walking Dead actress Danai Guriria, Author Petina Gappah and former Dr Who star, Chipo Chung will be honoured at the ceremony on the 7th of May at the Royal Garden hotel in London. “Over the years we have recognised various individuals and a number of institutions

but this year we wanted to show our support for the extraordinary work that women do that aim to uplift the community in various ways,” said ZAA Chairman Conrad Mwanza. “Many women are still undervalued in a number of industries, including business, and we applaud successful businesswomen like Taponeswa, Farai, Danai, Chipo and Petina who are climbing the ranks in their various industries with their passion and energy,” added Mwanza. The prestigious awards ceremony, which celebrates its sixth year, will provide a reflective context to examine the achievements of women in the field of media, the arts and emerging technologies. “Women have always been an integral part of crafting culture, and now, with help from the internet, they’re at the forefront of the current “maker” movement around the world,” “From television to holding top positions in a tough industry like music which has predominantly been dominated by males, these women have broken barriers and are inspiring the next generation of female Zimbabweans to pursue careers in journalism, literary arts and business,” Mwanza said.


From the suffragettes of the 20th century, the Bra burning campaigners of the 1970s, to the third wave of feminists trying to crack the so­called corporate glass ceiling, women have been fighting for equal rights for centuries. While there may still be wider issues, women are continuing to break the mould and are emerging as power­houses not only in the corporate world; but in the media industry, as we are now seeing an increase of female directors and producers in the film sector who are influencing major projects and shaping things for the generations of women still to come. Mwanza said that the ZAA salutes and appreciates the efforts all women of Zimbabwean heritage, especially the journalists, media professionals, writers, actresses and producers who are continuing to make immense contributions to the growth and development of the media and arts world in Africa and abroad. “Incredible women like the five women being recognised at ZAA this year are all around us, leading, innovating and mentoring the next generation,”

Every once in a while it is important to shine the spotlight on women and celebrate the inspirational journeys and achievements of some of the brightest talent in the media landscape,” he added. Now one of the most highly anticipated events in the UK Zimbabwean community the event will take place on 7th May at the Royal Garden hotel in Kensington, London. Over the years the Zim Achievers has continued to evolve. With the UK awards well established, and with South Africa up and running for the past 3 years, the organisation continues to spread its wings. With plans for expansion, ZAA will be launching in the United States in the next few weeks and nominations will open shortly after. Voting for the UK version of this year’s awards has ended and the ZAA’s panel of experts are currently deliberating to emerge with the list of winners for the awards ceremony


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