Zim Artiste invades Cyprus


Zimbabweans in the Diaspora continue to lift the flag of their motherland high in the arts sector as they display various talents at foreign arenas. When Audius Mtawarira established base in Australia, most people thought that he was going to turn his back on Zimbabwe, but lo and behold, the star re-affirmed his passion, love and commitment for the darling that Zimbabwe is.

Cythia Mare, who is one of the divas of the moment, grew up in the United Kingdom and earned a reputable profession there, but is back in Zimbabwe the country that she loves best. In comes Simon Chitekeshe — otherwise known as DJ Simonsayz in the showbiz scene — who is the latest in the league of Zimbabwean artistes based in the Diaspora making it on the international scale.

Based in Cyprus, DJ Simonsayz is on the verge of signing lucrative deals with some of the top recording labels in that country as well as others based in Nigeria. This feat is set to further scale up the Zimbabwean music status on the international platform. In an interview with this reporter, DJ Simonsayz said music is his passion as can be seen as he conquers foreign lands.


There are record labels in Cyprus as well as in Nigeria who are interested in my music knowing that it is from Zimbabwe. They consider the standards that have been set and achieved by our own legends like Oliver Mtukudzi. In Nigeria, there are producers like Skales who has already released my music which I intend to unleash onto the Zimbabwean scene when all groundwork is done. I am going to release a single track which features an artiste Danagog by name, from Nigeria who is signed under Davido’s label. The song is already done and was released early this week. Most people have accessed it through social media and will soon be working on the video,” he said.

Asked what the song means, he said, “It is a dance song about having fun, listening to it can even make those with worries or stress forget much about what is worrying you.” Some local radio station disc jockeys have begun sampling the song on airwaves.

DJ Simonsayz said he was honoured to be part of a show that featured Davido where he was a DJ. “This also includes the ‘Wizkid show’. I have also performed at shows by various other big names both in Cyprus and Nigeria.

“Without blowing my own horn, I can safely say it was something else recently performing with Simba Tagz on two songs and now I am working on a song with Soul Africa as well as Danagog from Nigeria who are signed under Davido’s HKN Gang label.

“I also did a song called ‘Zunza, which is a mix of Shona lyrics and Nigerian language. This is in a big way my way of taking everything Zimbabwean to the rest of Africa and the world.” Apart from the singles, the artiste says he is also in the process of working on an album which he hopes will make it big in Africa and the world. “I am currently working on an album which will feature the above mentioned artistes and also a Davido-featured project is in the pipeline,” he said.

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