Zim slams US abuse of IMF & World Bank


The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Dr Christopher Mushohwe, has  criticised the US for hypocrisy and abusing international financial institutions.

This follows the leaking of a letter written by the Chairman of the US Senate on Foreign Relations, Bob Corker to the US Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew concerning Zimbabwe’s efforts at clearing its external debt .

In a statement, Dr Mushowe said, the letter which discussed “Zimbabwe’s efforts at clearing its arrears and securing new lines of credit from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and African Development Bank, reveals and confirms US attempts at gross interference in the internal politics of our country.”


“Much worse, it reveals US control of what are supposed to be international financial institutions, including seeking to turn them into intruments of US foreign policy goals and ambitions to bring regime change in independent-minded African countries like Zimbabwe,” added Minister Mushohwe.

He added that the letter exposes the reality of sanctions imposed on the country, that they are not targeted as the US would like the world to believe, but are actually instruments meant to worsen Zimbabwe’s challenges, in the hope of creating regime change.

Cde Mushowe reminded Zimbabweans to concentrate on the Look East policy and ZIMASSET, which is a home grown solution for economic recovery.

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