Zimba Women getting Naughty in SA – A Story by Jonso Mudapakati


Zimba Women getting Naughty in SA – A Story by Jonso Mudapakati. The moment they cross the boarder into SA all morals are forgotten or thrown in the bin.

They try by all means to fit in, the Shonas who know Zulu don’t want you to know that they are Shona. The Ndebeles are even worse because their language is close to ZULU so when they hit Mzansi they blend and disappear. But is it so bad to be a Zimbabwean in SA? Or they do it to get the men easily? The men are usually Nigerians who are not afraid to part with their money.

The few who still have their morals hit the social networks – badoo, tagged, facebook and whatsapp. They post crazy HOOOT photos of themselves to attract men. I will post a few examples of photos that i came across when i visited Mzansi for a short while. They appear like saints but they are actually wolfs in sheep clothing.

They ask for airtime and money but they also promise to send you nawty photos. I played along and i managed to get this picture…..


zim woman


The story continues next week…. I will share my stories in Johannesburg ndini wenyu Joso Mudapakati…..