Zimbabwe bond notes are now ready, will be released soon


Despite persistent rumours of delays, Zimbabwe’s Central Bank chief says bond notes are now ready and will be released into the market at the end of this month.

John Mangudya insists the notes are for the good of the economy, but many Zimbabweans are opposed to them. Mangudya still insists bond notes won’t replace foreign currency.

john-mangudyaHe has told state media that people should not panic, but should embrace the new notes, which will initially be in small denominations of 2 and 5 dollars. Many Zimbabweans are opposed to the new bond notes, which they fear will fuel hyper­inflation, last seen eight years ago. The government hasn’t helped to boost confidence, giving mixed messages about what the notes are really for. Initially set for release in October, Mangudya says the notes are now ready


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