Zimbabwe cabinet reshuffle within 14 days – its time to clean up corrupted cabinet ministers


Former Zanu PF youth member Fidelis Fengu now a Christian has predicted a cabinet refresher soon as the Zanu PF government faces serious leadership challenges and suspected corruption among its cabinet ministers one of them Saviour Kasukuwere.


Kasukuwere has been finger in rampant housing stands scandal one of them where he has been accused by President Robert Mugabe of selling land meant for the youth to Prophet Walter Magaya. This is believed would lead Kasukuwere to lose his post as Local government minister.


Cabinet reshuffle could be within 14 days. But there is one popular politician who might be dropped,” Fengu said. (Nicholas) Goche …..Goche I pray he gets a placement somewhere in Cabinet. The First Lady in parliament by appointment. Minor changes in the army.”

He said two weeks of re-positioning things and people in Zimbabwe and moves towards investor friendly nation.

“I will just let this stay here will come back to it after two weeks,” he said.

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