Zimbabwe has been ruined-says Chiyangwa’s daughter


Businessman Philip Chiyangwa’s daughter, Vanessa says she is angry and frustrated at what Zimbabwe has become

am my fathers daughter but am not a political activist. But one thing needs to be said- I cannot proudly hold my flag because what it stands for isn’t what my country is today. And until those things change I can’t say “I’m a proud Zimbo”, I’m not. That’s my truth. I’m a frustrated and angry and tired one! So I will not be raising the flag of Zimbabwe, instead I will be raising my hands in prayer to God, whilst on my knees pleading with Him to save our nation and give our leaders wisdom to fix this.”



vanessaShe went on : “When Zimbabwe started changing our parents all decided to make a decision not to keep us here and get educated in a crumbling economy but to help us have better opportunities for our future.

As painful as it was for them to send us off, I can’t imagine the blood that was shed for us to even call this “our country”. There are a lot of things I completely disagree with in regards to the counsel and leadership of this country. But we all have made decisions we have to now live with. I believe that instead of inciting and blaming and posing question like, “why”, let’s ask the question HOW? How are WE going to ensure the future of the next generation!?.. All we keep doing is making bad decisions.. There’s a cause and effect to everything. Why can’t we learn from our past mistakes and move away from the pride that stands between the freedom of this nation and its downfall

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