Zimbabwe Popular Prophet is sick, suspected to be HIV + after unprotected s*x with church members


He would pleasure himself on the woman from midnight all the way up to 9am

Tell me what s*x position you would like me to do you,” “Holiness” “It’s me Papa.” The year 2016 was labeled the Year of Learning and the world discovered that fugitive preacher and cult leader Prophet W Magaya is an immoral s*x abuser of his female church members. The development in the investigation of the disgraced preacher saw his sympathisers charging that his HIV status is none of the public’s business and that journalists should stop the explosive reporting.

This reporter disputed that drivel arguing that there are serious public health issues at stake and journos have a responsibility to warn the public seeing the man has been freely indulging himself outside his marriage bed. It was because of this evidence that Magaya’s  church hired the thugs to kill, They also announced they would kill journalists, actions which have since roped in a police investigation on them



These issues arise from that evidence proves Mr W Magaya a public figure with thousands under his sole control in which he is referred to as The Prophet, and also “Papa”, is abusing vulnerable young women for his s*xual gratification while endangering the victims. The proof much of which is on its way for publishing along with a full video documentary, reveals that women have been take advantage of by the man of the cloth who claims to preach holiness. The women are told if they ever question the preacher they will be cursed by God. One woman in her twenties (in Zimbabwe), was soon after a slopper, forced to vocalise a denial in front of a camera as she said that the preacher did not rape her

But the same woman would in a different conversation with Magaya’s Zimbabwe based former Chief of Staff, Terrence Madiro, acknowledge that she slept with the preacher. She affirmed when reminded, “you are the ones who were banged, lets hope it was done when his health was well.

Magaya approached the woman, (Name Withheld), via the microblogging website Twitter and also via the Whatsapp network between the 10th Jan and 1th March 2016, when he demanded of the woman to send a nude picture of her. He was throughout the period of his luring addressing himself saying “It’s me Papa” when he also told the woman to inform him what “s*x position” she prefers.

“Tell me what s*x position you would like me to do you,” he wrote. Several times he would pleasure himself on the woman from midnight all the way up to 9am. Meanwhile the digital communication records were fully corroborated with the Twitter company for IP(internet protocol) authenticity. Although Magaya attempted to destroy the records in their entirety, Online source was able to retrieve the full data cache

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