Zimbabwe soon to launch Harare-Beitbridge Airline service


COURIER Services minister   Supa Mandiwanzira wants to facilitate air travel for cross boarder traders between cities, especially Harare and Beitbridge.

“Why can’t we have air transport between Beitbridge and Harare?” he questioned during the launch of the Civil Service Travel Bureau, a division of Courier Connect.

“I am told that we have the safest air transport in the world. Why can’t our own people travel in luxury kwete zvavanenge vakaita (not what they will be doing at) paMbudzi round-about? Have you seen the congestion that is there?”


His wish, however, comes as the country’s flagship airline is under unprecedented operational problems which have seen the national airline losing its market niche in the region while creditors have threatened to seize its planes over debts.
But that has not stopped the former broadcaster from dreaming.
Mandiwanzira also said there was no reason why the produce of small-scale farmers should be rotting on roadsides in a country where there is a whole sector dedicated to transport.



The Harare Polytechnic graduate said he has instructed Courier Services sector to assist farmers with subsidised transport.
“We have heard of vegetables and tomatoes rotting on the side of the roads on our various districts and yet we have a company that is mandated to provide transport services,” he said.

So we have said they must carry out a survey of what goods come from every district in this country except the urban areas and provide a truck for each district to carry produce to the market.

“Courier Connect is working to making sure so that they don’t just become a service to urban areas but they go to where service is most required. This is important because we are agriculture nation.”

Mandiwanzira said the advent of Civil Service Travel Bureau would offer “affordable, reliable, confidential and accessible one stop travel solution.”

Courier Connect managing director Isaac Muchokomori said the Zimpost subsidiary’s core business will be air ticketing, airport shuttle service, hotel reservations and door-to-door ticket delivery.

“These services are complimented by the real-time-every-time delivery services offered by Courier Connect,” Muchokomori said.

Muchokomori added that travel agents should not be intimidated by the competition provided by bureau saying who ever creates better produce will be supported by government with Mandiwanzira echoing the same sentiments.

“I am convinced the Civil Service Travel Bureau will offer competitive and reduced rates to government for us to meet all our international assignments,” Mandiwanzira said.—Farayi Machamire

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