Zimbabwe Update: WhatsApp was BLOCKED since yesterday to avoid #ShutDownZim #Tajamuka


Zimbabwe Update: WhatsApp was BLOCKED since yesterday to avoid #ShutDownZim #Tajamuka…. We posted an article earlier of how social media access was blocked in Zimbabwe…. Reports coming in show that the popular messaging app WhatsApp was actually blocked yesterday on the 5th of July the day before the shutdown was expected….

Efforts to contact people in Zimbabwe via WhatsApp or Facebook have proved to be unfruitful as the Govt has put a lock down on all internet access… Some people are managing to get messages out but trust me…. EVERYTHING IS BLOCKED…. probably being monitored too….

Report From yesterday….


There are reports that the WhatsApp in some parts of Zimbabwe is not working this morning as the whole country participates in #ShutDownZim / #ShutDownZimbabwe2016 campaign.


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Yesterday they were reports that the government of Zimbabwe was planning to ban social media in the coming days in a bid to block messages about protests from spreading.



In April, the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, said the government was looking to learn from China’s Great Firewall in restricting access to certain websites.

If you are in Zimbabwe how is this affecting you?

More follow..

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