Zimbabwean Accounting graduate working as petrol attendant in South Africa


A Zimbabwean accountant working at a petrol station in South Africa has tagged the heart strings of one woman who has decided to act.

Megan Carrie took to Facebook to share her encounter with the Zimbabwean.
Here is what she said.

Maybe it was the way he washed my windcreen with the meticulosity of a surgeon, or maybe it was the warm smile that stretched across his face when I handed him the only coins I had left in my wallet or maybe it was because he was tall, like me, a big, tall friendly giant. Whatever that prompted the conversation, I can’t be sure, but all I know is that I drove away with my heart in my throat.


I was somewhere between punching my pin code into the card machine and getting my receipt back that I asked Henry how long he’d been working at the petrol station for, he replied gently: “Just over 3 months”, to which I asked “What did you do beforehand?” “Well, I’m an 7, but it’s very hard to get a job in South Africa, so I haven’t done my articles yet.” An accountant working as a petrol attendant.

A thousand thoughts swirled around in my head, words poured in from every corner, but all I could muster up was “I want to help you my friend, I want to help you get a job.” I drove off, blurry eyed, tears spilling all over my dress – his story had hit a part of my heart that could not be ignored. I spent the rest of my day trying my best to get through work but my mind kept wandering back to Henry, back to his story, back to his words, and every time it went there the tears came again.


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