Zimbabwean police shut down Beitbridge border post


Business is at a standstill at the Beitbridge border post after police reportedly barricaded the entry point from South Africa early Friday morning.

Unconfirmed reports from Beitbridge indicate that hundreds of people travelling from South Africa failed to enter Zimbabwe and were by morning stranded as police refused them entry.




Charity Charamba, the police spokesperson, could not be reached for a comment and it was not clear why the police sealed off the link between Beitbridge and Musina.

However, trans-border traders have been resisting moves by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to confiscate commodities that were banned overnight but have been providing a source of income for thousands of unemployed Zimbabweans.

On 19 June, the traders reacted violently to the new import regulations prohibiting the importation of an array of the goods that were being brought into the country for resale.

The civil unrest that led to the temporary closure of the Beitbridge port was sparked by ZIMRA’s confiscation of the goods and immigration as well as police officers had to flee for cover

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