Zimbabwean twins graduate with distinctions in South Africa


The story of Zimbabwean twin brothers Gift and Golden Nyamapfene, who graduated Cum Laude this month, is an inspiration to their fellow students at Durban University of Technology.

The Nyamapfene twins have excelled in their respective fields of study after they achieved in Cum Laude in their Bachelor of Technology degrees. Golden Nyamapfene achieved the highest mark in his Human Resource management class of 2016 and Gift received the highest in Public Relations Management. Born in Zimbabwe, the 23­year­old identical twins who came to South Africa to study have found a second home and are excited about their academic excellence. The twins are currently studying towards their Masters in Management Sciences in Peace and Conflict Resolution

They say they chose this field as they were interested in learning more about diplomacy and international relations.


Our parents are overwhelmed and it is much a dream come true to them as it to us. They expected success but pushing to the limit with double Cum Laude has made them really proud.” “I think being open minded is one trait we have. Success is not only regurgitating information but actually understanding and applying concepts to our immediate environment,” says Golden.

The twins have congratulated the class of 2016 for their excellence achievement and say; “The class of 2016 should find inspiration in the ever­changing society that we live in. They should have a cause that they fight for. Be involved in real life work because it earns a learner a more interesting career than the portion that is just handed to you in class




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