Zimbabweans cry foul over Mugabe ‘Million Man March


Some youths are complaining that they are being forced by Zanu PF members to join a march in Harare on Wednesday in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe at a time when they do not have jobs

That’s impossible, I will not be part of that march. Marching in the streets does not bring food to my table; I have kids to feed. Instead of calling for such a march, they should tell us where the $15 billion is. They must fix the economy as a matter of urgency instead of forcing us to gather something that does not bring food to our tables.”

President announced recently that Zimbabwe lost at least $15 billion in diamond proceeds due to massive leakages in Manicaland’s Chiadzwa diamond fields. This has angered Zimbabwean who are demanding a full-scale investigation into the matter and jobs that were promised by Mr. Mugabe’s party before the 2013 general elections.


Harare resident, Densford Zindoga, said most youths do not have jobs, adding that it would be foolhardy for them to march in solidarity with President Mugabe who has been employed for the last 36 years.


Ray-KaukondeZindoga said he does not want to be dragged into Zanu PF’s factionalism by attending tomorrow’s march.

Two factions – one allegedly led by First Lady Grace Mugabe and another by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa – are said to be fighting for the succession of the president.

For his part, President Mugabe has told the world that he would not leave office for as long as he remained sane or for as long Zimbabweans continue to re-elect him.

Secretary for policy and research in the MDC-T’s youth wing, Caston Matewu, said that instead of Zanu PF calling on youths to march in solidarity with a 92 year-old leader, the government should fix the economy to ensure that all youths in the country are employed.

Studio 7 failed to get a comment from Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, who was not answering his mobile phone.

But Kudzai Chipanga, secretary of the Zanu PF Youth League, who is organizing Wednesday’s march, told Studio 7 by phone that his party has a lot of supporters and has no reason to force anyone to attend Wednesday’s arguing that they already have the numbers.

Chipanga said they are expecting thousands of people from the country’s 10 provinces to attend the event and are likely to exceed the one million target. President Mugabe is expected to give a keynote address at the event


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