Zodwa Wabantu: If you can’t afford R35k to R45k keep walking


Zodwa Wabantu wants to made it clear that she will not entertain requests to compromise her fees‚ so if you can’t afford R35k to R45k keep walking.

Zodwa took to Instagram with R35‚000 in her hand to explain that she would never be available for anything less than that amount. She explained that she would rather retire early than to force things and start charging R5k.

Zodwa Wabantu also explained why she is working hard now and make sure she retires while she is financial secure than to start getting into other industries to try and earn a living. Her video on her instagram @zodwalibram which has 400k followers explained it all as she was holding R35k cash in her hands.


She added this caption to her video ” Know your worth, I have 6 Business friends that i can do Business Favours with. I’m not worried about going out of Style. Some people don’t Respect you until they wanna make money off you. You think I was polished by my Team to be average. Ohhhh Yes I look average by Looks but with money. 35k That’s it. I’m not here to Stay,Industry.Remember I have no Talent”

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