Zoey, Bev Back In Byo by Public Demand


TEACHER and student – Zoey and Bev will be back in Bulawayo on Friday for another performance at the Private Lounge.

The two er0tic dancers, who wowed patrons last Friday when they were guest performers at the new joint, have been recalled, this time as main acts.

The lounge’s manager – Thelma Zuva – said they decided to invite Zoey and Bev after realising how popular the two were in the city.


“Bev and Zoey are loved here so we decided to invite them to perform especially for some who may have failed to attend the lounge’s opening last week.

“A lot of people who attended the opening said they wanted to see more of the girls so we’re bringing them back by public demand,” Zuva said.


zoeyThe two professional dancers, especially Bev, brought the lounge to a standstill last week as patrons kept callling out her name, pleading with her not to leave the stage. She, however, did not perform much as she did not want to steal the limelight from the lounge’s full time dancers.

But this Friday, all the attention will be on her and Zoey.

“Bev and Zoey will be the main attraction on Friday though our resident dancers will also be performing,” Zuva said.

However, in the long run, it seems there will be not much need to have Bev and Zoey perform in the city as the lounge’s resident dancers are already carving names for themselves. The most popular thus far are Tatiana, Nina and Ginger who seem to be getting the most tips.

Zuva said their club was open 24/7 to cater for guests at their hotel – Cecil – as well as the city’s residents and its visitors.

“A lot of people are wondering why we’re operating 24/7 but this is because we don’t want people to get bored while in Bulawayo, especially our guests at the hotel. Private Lounge is a one-stop shop and at no point should any of our points stop functioning.”

True to her word, three of the Private Lounge clubs are operational throughout the week with consistent entertainment being provided regardless of patronage.

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