Zoey charges $500… “I’ve managed to buy a car”


Dancer Zoey Sifelani says she charges $500 per show and this has made her a target by jealous fellow dancers.

“Instead of taking notes from me, most of these dancers and prost!tutes surprisingly feel threatened by me judging by their jealousy,” said Zoey. She said those who are threatened by her needed to know that she was just an entertainer, not a h00ker.



zoey dancer


“Most dancers nowadays are out to look for men as most of them used to be h00kers. When they see me playing popular on stage with men throwing money at me, they’ll be convinced that I’m out to take their potential clients.

“That’s not the case as I’ll be at work. I just want to entertain people and leave. I don’t mix business and pleasure,” she said.

Zoey spoke after her recent performance at Private lounge in Bulawayo was interrupted.

Zoey had successfully misled her patrons into believing she had been int!mate with a male patron on stage with no panty on, only for another dancer to lift her dress to reveal that she had another panty, much to the dismay of many men.

“Through my dancing and singing career, I’ve managed to buy a car as I charge like $500 for my performances, something I feel most dancers should emulate. I want to teach these girls the basics of the trade starting with how to bath, apply make-up and basic dance routines.

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