Zoey getting requests from Businessman, Footballers & Musicians for S-E-X


Dancer Zoey has made astonishing claims that top footballers, business executives and musicians are continuously pestering her for sviro. Zoey has told off her tormentors on her whatsapp.

She wrote on her Whatsapp status: “U got the wrong girl. I only work there. Please stop sending me your things (privates) Eiish ndanyara”.

Zoey says she is having a torrid time from male fans who are dying to engage in sviro with her.


“I am going through trying times as a number of people among them are well to do figures are begging me for s.ex.

“Some of them are even offering big things only to indulge in s.ex with me”. Some of the s.ex beggars are sending pictures of their privates.

“Each time I switch on my whatsapp,I come across indecent pictures. I will certainly expose them if they continue to send pictures. I have had enough of these pictures of s.exual advances” she said.

Source-H metro

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