ZRP Officer mesmerised by hot se_x with hooker,ends up getting robbed of pistol


It was like saying “I’m above the law” in the process not so cleverly showing he had a gun and a police badge during sex with a prostitute. That’s the summary of Assistant Inspector Allan Kanhema (42)’s pleasurable moment with a thigh vendor Blessing Moyo.

After “killing” the senior cop with a nice time, Moyo rushed to her neighbor only identified as Humbe to inform him about the service pistol. Who’s the fool now? Humbe tied Asst Insp Kanhema’s hands with a rope before waking him up to show him his dumbest move. They then hired a taxi saying they were proceeding to the police station, but along the way Humbe had second thoughts and ran away with the pistol.




Asst Insp Kanhema realizing that he was in trouble, rushed to report the issue of losing his gun at his workplace. However, his report resulted in his arrest on failure to secure a service firearm charges. Asst Insp Kanhema appeared before magistrate Shepherd Mjanja being presented by Leopold Mudisi of Mutende Mudisi Shumba legal Practitioners.

Prosecutor Talent Tadenyika told the court that on 5 June, Asst Insp Kanhema who is a member of the support unit of Zvishavane base, knocked off from work and proceeded to Funchaal night club. He was in possession of a gun with nine rounds under his waist belt which he was supposed to leave in the gun cabinet. At the night club, he approached a commercial sex worker Blessing Moyo and hired her for the whole night.

Upon arrival at Moyo’s place, Asst Insp Kanhema took off his clothes and put the pistol on the floor next to the pillow. When Moyo moved to collect condoms from wardrobe, she saw the pistol and was unsettled by it. However, she never said a word and they had sexual intercourse but soon after the act, realizing that her client had fallen asleep, she went to alert her neighbor a Mr. Humba who tied the accused’s hands before taking away the pistol. He then hired a taxi saying he was taking him to the police station, but while on the way he decided to take the gun.

He alighted and ran away with it. Asst Insp Kanhema then reported the matter to police about the missing gun and after his revelations on what had transpired, he was arrested. Asst Insp Kanhema’s trial begins on 17 June.

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