ZRP official website up and running


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) yesterday launched its official website, www.zrp.gov.zw, to increase its visibility and keep pace with modern international policing trends

Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri, in a speech read on his behalf by Commissioner (administration) Eric Magejo, said traditional tools of community policing such as suggestion boxes, hotlines, brochures and neighbourhood watch were increasingly becoming archaic, hence the switchover to the information super highway.

“Without doubt, the use of information technology has become part of everyday life in the 21st century for many individuals and the vast majority of organisations,” Chihuri said.


Criminals, on the other hand, are never waiting for us as police to be in touch with these developments, but are manipulating every available opportunity to utilise the virtual and extra-territorial nature of cyber-space to render us ineffective in discharging our mandate.

“This consequently places greater need for enhanced information sharing between us as the police and the public, particularly as we strive to bolster public awareness of our policing services and endeavours.”

He added that it was imperative for the ZRP to move with the times to remain relevant.

“Certainly, as information and communication technology takes over commanding heights of contemporary policing, the people of Zimbabwe demand us to remain relevant and vigilant in the wake of sustained criminal activities on cyber-space,” he said.

“In fact, police agencies are finding that their communities expect them to have an online presence on platforms such as websites, Twitter and Facebook, among others.”

The website provides several sections, among them wanted persons, information about the police specialised units such as anti-stock theft, Criminal Investigation Department, mounted unit, forensic and ballistics and national traffic, among others.

It also has a news section, neighbourhood watch committee, crime consultative committee and business against crime forum of Zimbabwe, among many others.


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