ZUNDE salutes War Veterans for breaking up with Mugabe


Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) welcomes the decision by war veterans to protest Mugabe’s dictatorship and abandonment of the values of the liberation struggle and the very people who gave their life fighting for freedom and independence

Late as it is, we salute their courage and trust they will now work for the people and not just Zanu PF. We will do whatever we can to support them and provide them a platform for executing the outstanding fight to completely free Zimbabwe.

Now that our dear war veterans have taken the bold step, it is a challenge for all those ashamedly standing in Mugabe’s camp to consider the morality of oppressing their own countrymen and make the right decision.


Those in the security services must weigh the consequences and morality of supporting, through abuse of people’s rights, such a dictatorship that has caused the collapse of the economy, health delivery system, destruction of public services and the mass unemployment never seen in the history of our nation.

This is contrary and a betrayal of their oath of office. We urge them to remain loyal to the country and constitution but nowhere are they required to support the destruction of the same country and constitution they swore to protect.

We have businesspersons who are in the same dilemma as were the war veterans. They argue that they can’t part with Zanu PF because he provides them with livelihood. They can’t be seen cooperating with the opposition because they fear they will lose their contracts. It’s no different from a village charm owner who won’t relinquish a charm simply because it’s the source of his or her livelihood, even though it is destroying his own family.

We are all in some kind of that predicament. Many have looked the other way while Mugabe’s dictatorship was thriving. We all at some time argued that we can’t be involved. We argued that politics is a dirty game but forgot that if we don’t manage the dirt it will end up in our living rooms! Our non-involvement has involved us into slavery and abject poverty.


Personally I understand the war veterans’ dilemma and frustration because I was once with them in the trenches. I know it’s difficult to turn your back against a war comrade who undoubtedly saved your life and was there for you when the chips were down.

However it’s better late than never. We have a bond, which no one understands, which bound us together for better or for worse. But this bond has become the slave chains that are forcibly binding us to the source of all our misery.

I also understand what it meant to sacrifice self and live in the bush without any hopes in life save for the liberation of Zimbabwe. A lot has been said about war veterans, negative simply because of Robert Mugabe’s evil ways and cruelty. We were and are still being blamed for bringing up this evil dictator. But what I know is that the vast majority of war veterans meant well in everything they did. They too hoped for a better life for us all.

I urge our war veterans to drop the shame and “bereka sub tiende chauya chauya – stop the fun, grab your spear and be a soldier once more”. There is a lot we can do to help Zimbabwe. Our youths are young but brave; they need our experience and calm to mount a sustainable resistance to bring this dictatorship down. If we are not greedy and demanding to lead, the younger generation will embrace us as true leaders “vanamukoma chaivo”. After all it is their generation and fight!

What we must all understand is that Mugabe is the most illiterate in terms of freedom. He does not understand freedom and is a possible case of psychological dichotomy. He spent the whole of his youth fighting against oppression but spends the rest of his presidency perfecting it. So are his close lieutenants.

They witnessed the Nyadzonya, Chimoio, Tembwe massacres but went ahead and did worse at Gukurahundi, the violent farm invasions, 2008 Mavhoterapapi, Dzikisa Dish atrocities against their own people. Lately they teargassed the war veterans teaching them “gwara remusangano”.

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